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Sunday Concert Series (Bedford Public Library)

April 7th at 2:30pm / FREE SHOW - REGISTER HERE

Requests, Sing-alongs and more!

The Front Porch Piano Bar


  • Wednesday, May 1st from 4-9pm

  • Wednesday, May 8th from 4-9pm

  • Thursday, May 9th fron 4-9pm

  • Friday, May 19th from 4-8pm

  • Tuesday, May 21st from 4-9pm

  • Thursday, May 23rd - TBA

  • Friday, May 24th from 4-8pm

  • Thursday, May 30th - TBA

  • Friday, May 31st from 4-8pm

Visit the website for my performances singing and playing with The Rockin' Daddio's doo-wop group.

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The Majestic Theatre

The Rockin' Daddios
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